Is your salon ready to open?

We are all wondering if we will get back to normal. It’s safe to say, its going to be a while yet.

Even if salons open back up in 4 weeks, are you ready for it? are you prepared to work differently? This is something we will have to come to terms with. This is not just going to vanish.

Please always listen to Government official advice! There’s loads of rubbish and scary stories on social media which everyone is taking seriously. Only listen to the officials.

We need to start preparing our work space / salons / shops for safe practice. This includes stocking up on the correct PPE for you and your clients, whether you use disposable items or go more cleaner for the environment and buy extra gowns towels and aprons and wash everyday. Either you can spend on a regular basis and buy disposables or you buy re-useable.

your PPE should include these items:

  • Plenty of gowns to see you through the day or disposable gowns
  • Plenty of towels for each client or disposable towels
  • Plenty of aprons or disposable aprons
  • Gloves
  • Disposable or re-usable capes
  • Masks
  • Visors
  • Tool cleaning station
  • Tool cleaning solution
  • Jars to put your tools in
  • Antibacterial wipes
  • Antibacterial spray
  • Bins for ease of disposal of tissue, wipes etc
  • Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer
  • Antibacterial wash
  • Hand drying area, disposable towels

Re arrange your work place for social distancing from others, put signs up to ensure the clients, what actions you are taking, mark out the floor for safe distance. There’s loads of ways we can do this. And do this now!

Its best to have hand sanitiser right by the door and a sign telling the customer to use this as soon as they walk in.

Its best to have the floor marked out for the appropriate social distance. Seating areas (although best to keep appointments at a minimum) need to be spaced out and safe to sit and wait. This area should be cleaned regular in between clients, the reception should also be cleaned on a regular basis.

Space out where you work, keep a safe distance between each employee and client. Share the hours with your staff. Don’t all work at the same time.

Put all reusable PPE straight in the washing machine after each client. Wash over 40 degrees every day.

Wash your hands on a regular basis!

Grant Money

Some of you would have already had grant money come through. YIPEE, all that money in the bank. Im going to be fine! Think carefully. These are the things you should be spending your grant money on:

  • Keep back enough rent
  • Keep back enough for all your other bills
  • Pay off any already due/overdue bills
  • Re-stock, massively with the usual stock you use
  • Order your PPE. for you and your customers.
  • Deep clean & Revamp the salon

Don’t blow it away. use it wisely.

Price Increase

It’s a subject all your clients will hate to hear. Well don’t inform them.

At the end of the day, you are putting more money into your business now by using PPE. Its the only way you will be able to continue to work. Prices need to be increased NOW. Before you open.

A small example: if you normally charge £35 a cut and blow-dry. In the future, you will now have to wear:

  • gloves (£0.50)
  • mask (£1.25)
  • re wash or disposable gowns and aprons (1.00)
  • antibacterial wipes (£0.20)
  • tissues (£0.05)
  • etc etc etc

ALL THIS COSTS MONEY! This is already an extra £3 on top! and the perfect time to increase your prices too. That you probably should of done a long time ago.

The Warehouse Hair & Beauty Supplies have put together a page on their website, dedicated to opening the salon. We are putting on offers for some of the items you need to open back up.

Please check this link:

Lets hope we can all get back to normal life sooner rather than later.


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